Govt will see how BNP steers movement after Oct 24

Govt will see how BNP steers movement after Oct 24


Chief Whip of the Opposition in parliament Zainul Abdin Farroque has said the government will see how the BNP steers its agitation after Oct 24.

At meeting at the National Press Club on Tuesday, Farroque said the BNP would give a fitting reply after Oct 24 to ministers who said the party was incapable of unleashing a movement.

As per the Constitution, the 10th parliamentary polls will be held some time between Oct 24 and Jan 24 under the incumbent government. But the opposition BNP is opposing it.

The party has been demanding the government pass a bill to hold polls under a non-party government before the parliament session ends on Oct 24.

BNP leaders have said they would launch a tough movement if their demand was not met by Jan 24.

Addressing the parliament leader and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the opposition chief whip said, “Still there is time. Please pass the non-party government bill in parliament. Otherwise we won’t have any other way out except agitation.”

Farroque said the crisis over the poll-time government had been created because of the government’s stubborn attitude.

“Due to its misrule and corruption in the last four and a half years the ruling party knows that it won’t be able to come to the power again if the elections are free and fair. That’s why it is trying to hold the polls without the BNP.”

Meanwhile, in another meeting at the Press Club, BNP Standing Committee Member Rafiqul Islam Mia said, “The government knows it won’t be able to win if the polls are free and fair manner. So it wants to hold the polls without dissolving parliament.”

He threatened that the resistance committee would foil if the government wants to hold the elections unilaterally.

BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia at a rally in Sylhet on Saturday had called for resistance committees at polling booths to prevent the unilateral polling.


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