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Great concern about admission for tertiary education!


Around 1.2 million students appeared at the HSC examinations in 2016 where about 0.9 million came out successful. It is a great sorrow that no one passed from 25 institutions across the country. About 58 thousand students got GPA-5. There are only 40 thousand seats in public universities and some are in the private universities. Private universities are suitable only for wealthy people. Almost all the people cannot even think of educating their wards in these institutions and quality is a great concern except for a few. So, a large number of students who even got GPA-5 will not be able to get admitted to public universities.On the other hand, there is no unique exam system to admit pupils to the higher educational institutions excepts medical colleges. So, one students have to apply in many public universities, engineering universities and to appear at admission tests and other formalities which cost a lot of money, physical and mental hazards. You have to apply each subject to get chance in this department of that university. As s/he is not sure which subject s/he will get chance so s/he has to apply for as many as s/he can in that particular university, Dhaka university is exception along with a few. How annoying the system is!
Moreover, coaching business get momentum with the students of HSC. The guardian has to spend a lot for this purpose. Coaching business should be prohibited by enacting a law.
A common admission test can be introduced for Engineering, public university, medical college and other college along with private institutions for greater interest of the nation.
Md. Tofazzel Hossain


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