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Hajj pilgrims celebrate Eid-Ul-Azha


Saudi Arabia, Sept 1 – Two more days are left to complete the rites of the Holy Hajj Pilgrimage while the main rituals are complete through standing at Arafat from Fajr to Maghrib on Thursday, prayer and stay at Muzdalifa at night, stoning the devil at Mina and offering of sacrifice in the morning and forenoon.The pilgrims moved to Muzdalifah to spend the night there under open sky.
After staying in Muzdalifah, the pilgrims gathered pebbles for the ritual of symbolic stoning of the devil on Friday after Fajr prayer. After the first stoning of devil they offered sarfice of animals and performed Tawaf – walk round the Kaaba.
The pilgrims will continue the stoning ritual at Jamarat in Mina for two more days while remaining stationed in Mina.
The pilgrims were provided with water, food, fruits at Arafat and on their way to Muzdalifah.
Local youths and polices supplied water standing on the roadside to protect the pilgrims from the Sun heat.


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