'Haldaa' creates buzz among audiences

‘Haldaa’ creates buzz among audiences


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Tauquir Ahmed’s most anticipated film ‘Haldaa’ was released on December 1 in 89 theater halls across the country. Now the film is going to be released in 20 cinema halls in different cities abroad. The distributor of the movie Jahid Hasan Ovi confirmed the news.
From the first day, ‘Haldaa’ was able to create a buzz among the movie goers. Many cinema halls are reporting houseful shows. Manager of Balaka Cinema hall Akhter said, “’Haldaa’ ran really well on the first day in our hall. Generally, subject-based movies have less audience but ‘Haldaa’ has proved us wrong.”
Jahid Hasan Ovi said, “Among all the movies that were released after ‘Dhaka Attack’, the response of ‘Haldaa’ is very much positive. Besides the Cineplex, Balaka, Sony has reported houseful shows and we hope that more audience will watch ‘Haldaa’.”
In the meantime, the film is going to be released outside of the country as well. The film will be released in 20 cinema halls in US, Canada, Oman and UAE, confirmed the international distributor of film ‘Haldaa’.Jahid Hasan Ovi informs that ‘Haldaa’ will be released in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Florida and Virginia of United States on December 8.
The film will be released in Toronto and Mississauga in Canada on the same day. It will be released in 4 cinema halls in Oman as well and gradually it will be released in 6 cities of UAE.


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