Heatwave affects normal life badly in Rajshahi

Heatwave affects normal life badly in Rajshahi


Rajshahi Correspondent

April 24, 2016 (BSS)- People in Rajshahi region are experiencing a hot spell amid a drought-like situation with an average 40 degrees Celsius temperature for the last couples of days and absence of rainfall for a long time.

Sufferings of the people, especially day labourers, rickshaw and van pullers, construction workers, masons and street vendors have turned miserable due to daylong hot spell without respite.

With no traces of rainfall or even a speck of cloud in the sky for over one week, people are being forced to remain indoors and are not daring to come out except for emergencies during daytime. As a result, an adverse impact of trade and business is also been noticed in the district.

The weather of Rajshahi has turned extreme during the recent days. Blockage of natural flow of the river Padma and other common rivers through erecting barrages across the border, unplanned use of underground water for irrigation purposes, unabated felling of trees, non-excavation of ponds, tributaries and water bodies have incurred a huge toll on environment and now the people of the region are facing their impact.

The temperature in Rajshahi is ranging from 39 to 40.2 degrees Celsius during this week with no hope of release with rainfall soon, hinted sources in Meteorological Department in Rajshahi.

Most of the hand-driven tube-wells have become inoperative which is a threat to the residents’ lives.

The Met Office sources said the temperature might further rise in the days ahead. The sufferings of the elderly people, children and the students knew no bounds.

Rajshahi Medical College Hospital sources informed the number of patients being attacked with diarrhea, jaundice and viral fever has nearly doubled during the last couple of weeks. People are being increasingly attacked with heat related diseases like high blood pressure, sun stroke, kidney ailments and various skin diseases, the RMCH sources mentioned.

Sources at Rajshahi Livestock Office said the domestic animals are also suffering from diarrhea, salivation, dysentery and dehydration due to extreme heat. Absence of green grass as fodder has increased their diseases.

Almost all ponds and tributaries of the region have dried up and the scarcity of fish has turned acute in the district. The heat weather is badly affecting most of the standing crops and seasonal fruits like mango and litchi, said Dr Alimuddin, Principal Scientific Officer of Regional Fruit Research Station.

On Friday to Sunday, the highest day temperature in Rajshahi was fluctuating between 40 to 40.2 degrees Celsius respectively.

According to Rajshahi Met Office, the highest temperature was recorded in Rajshahi at 40.2 degrees Celsius on Saturday.


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