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Help slow rising sea levels


Sea levels are rising because polar ice is melting. Polar ice is melting because greenhouse gases are warming the world.350 parts per million of greenhouse gas has been deemed a safe number. We crossed the 350 limit in the 1980’s. In 2016 we crossed 400 ppm and the number continues to rise.
Are you getting worried yet?
Obviously, the whole world needs to commit to bringing GHG down to safe levels if we hope to have a healthy future for the next generations.
Is anything happening? Yes, things are changing on many fronts:
Over 100 cities have pledged to reduce their GHG by 80% by 2050.
Low carbon energy production like wind and solar is rapidly replacing the burning of fossil fuels.
Electric vehicles are beginning to replace gasoline burning vehicles.
Meanwhile, industry is pushing back – effectively lobbying governments to dissolve decades of progress in reining in greenhouse gases.
A handful of industry-backed ‘deniers’ have been effective at moving our governments backwards.
Trusted for over 40 years for objective, fact-based research, Worldwatch works to support the tens of thousands of people around the world working tirelessly to push back carbon emissions.
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