Hezafat wants Gaffar Chy citizenship scrapped

Hezafat wants Gaffar Chy citizenship scrapped


Hefazat demands stripping Gaffar Chaudhury of citizenship for blasphemous comments on Allah and prophet
Amir of Hefazat-e-Islam Bangladesh Allama Ahmed Shafi in a statement yesterday urged the Government to strip the citizenship of writer- Journalist Abdul Gaffar Chaudhury for what he said, making derogatory, blasphemous remarks against Allah-Rasul undermining the Islam.Describing it as a deep conspiracy against the Muslim statehood of the Bangladeshis the Hefazat Amir condemning such provocateurs and conspirators against law and order and communal harmony.
Shah Shafi urged the government to resist such elements with an iron hand.

Meanwhile leaders of the Nezam-e-Islam Party at an iftar party at Pantal office on Tuesday said that people like Abdul Gaffar Chowdhury could dar speak against Allah and his Prophet because of disunity among the Islami forces.

They called for united efforts of the islami paerties to resist attacks on Islam and its tenets- Staff Reporter


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