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How one camel kiss destroyed happy marriage


Who would have thought that a camel can destroy a family? But this is exactly what happened to one married couple in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia!A new wife faces a divorce after being caught kissing a camel by her shocked mother-in-law. The unnamed woman tried to explain her behaviour, saying that she just express gratitude to the animals that regurlalry brought money to their family, but all in vain.
The enraged mother of her spouse has immediately demanded a divorce on the grounds of violating social and religious rules. And even despite the couple are happy together, the woman has moved to her own family’s home and is now too scared to come back.
She said: “My hubby said he could not disobey his mother, who swore that she would disown him if he does not divorce his wife. I love my husband and want to be with him forever. But I am not ready to live with his mother again.”
She also added that the incident was just a pretext to her mother-in-law for divorce, as she never liked her because she had not given birth to a baby. – Agencies


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