Impress Telefilm's 'Kaler Putul' to be released March 30

Impress Telefilm’s ‘Kaler Putul’ to be released March 30


Impress Telefilm’s latest movie “Kaler Putul” has received the release certificate from the Bangladesh Film Censor Board.
Starring popular actor Ferdous Ahmed, the film is now set to be released in theatres on March 30, said director Aka Reza Ghalib on Tuesday.He told Showtime: “It was an interesting experience to work with an ensemble cast of 10 different actors from different backgrounds. It was a challenge to bring together theatre, TV and film actors.”
“But the most challenging part, however, was to finish the project within the given time and budget, and not compromising with the production value at the same time,” said Reza about his debut project for the silver screen.
He said he took inspiration from Alfred Hitchcock and Agatha Christie for the movie. “I tried to tell a story of suspense and mystery, which is a rare genre for the big screen in Bangladesh’s film industry.
“I wanted to show that thriller and mystery stories can also be artistic,” he added.
The story takes place on a mountaintop cottage where some strangers are invited to spend a vacation by a mutual acquaintance. But the idyllic cottage soon turns into a slaughter house, as the guests are mysteriously murdered one by one.
Although it has a somewhat similar storyline to Agatha Christie’s mystery novel “And Then There Were None,” the director said he took inspiration from the writer, but “Kaler Putul” is not an adaptation, reports internet.


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