Imran receives Silver Button Award

Imran receives Silver Button Award


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In 2016, his song “Fire Esho Na” was the second most viewed song of the year

Singer Imran Mahmudul has received the Silver Button Award from YouTube, becoming the first Silver Button Award holder as a singer from Bangladesh.

YouTube officials sent the award to Imran’s house on July 22. Worldwide, YouTube honours those who have a minimum of 100,000 subscribers and followers on their own YouTube channels. This time, it is the Bangladeshi singer Imran. Imran was very excited after receiving the award.

He said, “I opened my YouTube channel just two years back without thinking of anything big. There are only four full songs and two teasers in my channel. But I am so happy that my fans loved my songs and showed their love in this way, that I got this award from YouTube. It’s amazing! And thanks to Qinetic Network for supporting me.”

Imran Mahmudul is a Bangladeshi music composer and singer whose songs have been featured in different albums and movies. He was the first runner-up of Channel i Sera Kontho – 2008. He also won the Best Male Singer at the Meril Prothom Alo Awards for the song “Dil Dil Dil” from the 2016 film Bossgiri.

In 2016, his song “Fire Esho Na” was the second most viewed song of the year. It was from the album Bolte Bolte Cholte Cholte.

According to the number of subscribers, Bangladeshi singer Asif Akbar holds the second position with approximately 72,000 subscribers, and Tahsan Khan is in the third position with 53,000 subscribers.


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