Incredible story of elephant comes to end

Incredible story of elephant comes to end


Indian High Commissioner in Dhaka Harsh Vardhan Shringla on Friday hoped that the tranquilised Indian elephant will be transported to the Garo Hills of ‎Meghalaya‬ where he can join the wild elephant herds. “She (elephant) has finally been tranquilised, and our hope is that she will be transported to the Garo Hills of ‎Meghalaya,” he wrote on Facebook hashtag “Case of the ‪#‎IndianElephant”. The High Commissioner said it was an “incredible story” of an elephant that was washed down with flashflood on the mighty Brahmaputra into ‎Bangladesh‬. Its origins are not known but the ‎wildlife‬ team from ‎India‬ that came to rescue it opined that given his complete lack of familiarity with humans, he was likely to be from ‎Kaziranga‬ or even ‎Arunachal Pradesh, Shringla wrote. Dhaka, UNB News Agency Reported.

“This means she floated down an incredible 1,500 kms! Over the last month and a half, she has been steadily heading north over five districts of Bangladesh towards India,” said the High Commissioner. He thanked Kamal Uddin Ahmed, Secretary of the Ministry of Environment and Forests, for his oversight of the operation and dedicated team of forest officers who have provided the elephant with salt and sugarcane and trailed him in the inhabited areas (inundated farmland) that it has traversed. The diplomat also thanked their own highly experienced and committed wildlife team from India.


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