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India toughens law for juvenile rape


The Indian parliament has passed a bill which allows juveniles between 16 and 18 years of age to be tried as adults for serious crimes like rape or murder.
At present, those under 18 can be sentenced to a maximum of three years in a reform facility.
The move to change the law gathered momentum after the youngest convict in the notorious 2012 Delhi gang rape was recently released from detention.The parents of the victim were among those campaigning to change the law.
On Tuesday, the Juvenile Justice Bill was passed by the Rajya Sabha – the upper house of the parliament.
The bill was approved by the Lok Sabha – the lower house – in May.
It will now have to be signed by the president to become law – which, correspondents say, is a mere formality.
The new law will not apply to the youngest 2012 rapist, but it will be used in future cases involving juvenile offenders above 16 years.
A school bus, a shopping mall and a park are all places that are generally regarded as safe.
But as an exhibition of photographs currently on in the capital, Delhi, shows, these are also locations where women have been raped in India.
The Rape in India Project is a crowd-sourced platform of photos documenting locations and spaces where sexual assaults have occurred.
“The story of rape in India is truly horrific,” says photographer and the project co-founder Poulomi Basu.
“With this project, we want to initiate a dialogue around the subject of rape and sexual assault. The banality of the locations where many rapes have taken place is chilling. Perhaps, we are not as safe as we think in such places,” she adds.
The exhibition, conceived by PROOF: Media for Social Justice, is on at the India Habitat Centre until 23 December. – BBC News


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