Infant 'dead' in one Chittagong hospital, recovering in another

Infant ‘dead’ in one Chittagong hospital, recovering in another


Dhaka – An infant, who was declared dead at a private hospital in Chittagong, is recovering at another hospital, its parents say.
The parents, both of whom are doctors themselves, have accused the doctors and staff at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of CSCR hospital and its administration of negligence of duty.The infant is currently undergoing treatment at the NICU of Max, another private hospital in the port city.
The mother of the infant, Dr Ridwana Kawser is a dental surgeon at Bandarban’s Alikadam Upazila Health Complex, the father, Dr Nurul Azam is a Cox’s Bazar District Medical Officer.
Dr Ridwana told reportrers that on Monday night at 1, I was taken to the labour room. Exactly two hours later, the on-duty doctor at NICU declared that my child is dead.”
“They returned me my child in a packet. Opening the packet I found my child having chest movement and gasping respiration”, she added.
“When I rushed my child to the neonatal section, they still said it was dead. They didn’t even pay any heed to its movement. They didn’t even touch it for once,” the mother said.
They then rushed our child to another hospital where on-duty doctors gave it oxygen and a warmer. They shifted to another hospital as the second hospital didn’t have a vacant seat.
The child is ‘more or less healthy’, she said.
The mother said she did not expect the child to be born all hale and hearty because it was a case of premature delivery.
She expressed shock that despite being a doctor she had to face this level of callousness.
Treatment Hospital’s Dr Musleh Uddin had administered oxygen and warmer that saved the child’s life.
He said1 that the child was having gasping breathing when it was brought there. Its condition marginally improved after receiving warmer and oxygen.
Dr ‘Mou’, the on-duty physician at the NICU at Max hospital where the child is currently undergoing treatment, told reporters that the condition of the child is currently stable although there is every possibility of its relapsing back into the worse.
CSCR hospital authorities have said a commission to probe the incident has been formed.
When asked for his reaction, the hospital’s Managing Director Dr Jamal Ahmed said, “We take issues of negligence with all seriousness. Those responsible won’t be spared, especially since the parents are from our profession.


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