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International nuclear energy forum ATOMEXPO 2016 ends in Moscow


The eighth international forum on nuclear energy- ATOMEXPO 2016, organized by Russia’s state nuclear energy corporation- ROSATOM in Moscow concluded yesterday, June 1, 2016.The three-day event was participated by 508 delegates from 55 counties including Bangladesh, while it was visited by more than 5 thousand people, against 4,131 in 2015). First-timers included representatives from Bolivia, Guatemala, Greece, Zimbabwe and Namibia. Two main plenary sessions of the business program were dedicated to the topics”Nuclear Power as a Basis for Zero Carbon Energy Balance” and “Future of Nuclear Power: New Players”. The sessions were attended by top executives of major Russian and foreign companies as well as representatives of public and professional organizations.
The issue of defining the role of nuclear power in the low carbon energy mix of the future was at the top of the agenda. Rosatom CEO, Sergey Kirienko said “Today, development of nuclear power guarantees supply of energy to consumers at a stable price and greatly contributes to the prevention of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.” He further said that in low carbon power generation the base load plays a key role in a balanced energy mix. It is nuclear power that is aiming to cover the base load.
Other speakers at plenary sessions also outlined the importance of nuclear power in ensuring energy independence of Russia and other states. Sergey Kirienko pointed out that, according to calculations made by the International Energy Agency, today nuclear power plants prevent the emission of 56 Gigatonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. “In Russia alone, by 2030, nuclear power plants will help prevent the emission of 711 million tonnes of CO2,” he said. “This is why NPP construction programs are launched even in countries that enjoy 365 sunny days a year and boast large volumes of fossil fuels.” Kirienko further commented.
The Forum included an exhibition on nuclear energy technology, featuring 99 Russian and foreign companies. over 30 agreements and memoranda of understanding were signed among various countries and companies. For instance, agreements Russia with Kenya and Tanzania on peaceful use of nuclear power. According to Sergey Kirienko, the documents signed totaled about US$ 10 billion.
Apart from plenary sessions, ATOMEXPO 2016 included 12 round-table discussions on the topics like Fuel Supply and Back End – Integrated Solutions; Competitiveness and Environmental Acceptability of Nuclear Energy Now and in the Future; Life Cycle Management. From NPP Construction Management to NPP Information Management throughout the Lifecycle; Energy Balance Optimization, Environmental and Economic Aspects: Nuclear and Renewable Energy; Countries on the Threshold of Nuclear Development: Global Challenges and Solutions by Rosatom; Eco-Efficient Technologies in the Nuclear Industry: Today and Tomorrow.
The last day of the Forum was declared the Youth Day. It included 11 events for students and schoolchildren. Among them was Rosatom’s Process Factory, where inte
ractive training modes were demonstrated, which could be included in educational programs at universities. Besides, there was a student presentations contest on the topic Nuclear Power as a Basis for Zero Carbon Energy Balance.
Over 450 representatives of the media, including more than 240 representatives of foreign media from various countries including Bangladesh, worked at the Forum.


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