Int'l community for inclusive democracy and HR in BD

Int’l community for inclusive democracy and HR in BD


Ottawa: A seminar entitled “International Community Support: Inclusive Democracy and Human Rights in Bangladesh” was held on October 19 at the Ottawa Parliament Hill conference room. The seminar was jointly organized by the Canadian Human Rights International Organization and Peace and Justice Alliance. and which was chaired by Mr Jonathan Whiteside.Mr Mominul Haque, director, Peace and Justice Alliance, presented the keynote along with video footages of the inhuman actions of the police, RAB and other law enforcers. The discussants expressed their concern loudly about the wrongdoings, massive corruptions, and weak foreign policy of the government.
The speakers also strongly protested the move to remove the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. They also expressed serious concern about the killings of a large number of opposition activists, enforced disappearance, indiscriminate arrest of political activists and intellectuals and keeping them in prison without any trial for an indefinite periods.
Participants of the discussion included: Senator Mobina Zaffer, Senator Alice St-Martin,…Salma Zahid MP, Ali Ehssassi MP, Stephani Kusie MP, Francessco Sarbara MP, Anila Malik, Mario Guilombo, Sandra sassa, David Harmander, Rezaul Karim talukdar, Mujibor Rahman, Syed Faruk Anowar Minto, Rafiq Patwary, Ejaz Akter Toufiq,, Nabi Hossain, Zakir Hossain Khan, Rehena Akhter, Faruk Howlader, Akter Ahmed, Eng. Rafiqul Hoque, Ansar Ahmed, M Joynal Abedin Jamil, Hafiz Uddin, Syed Azmira Noor kabita, Arifur Rahman, Noor Nabi Rashid, Abdul Kalam.
Mario Guilombo, Director, International Missions, Canadian Human Rights International Organization – CHRIO


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