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Iran airs footage revealing IS behind foiled bombing plot


Iran’s IRIB state TV on Monday aired footage of two men confessing that the Islamic State (IS) was behind a recent foiled bombing operation against the Iranian capital Tehran among other cities.The two men said that they received 667,500 U.S. dollars from the IS, with orders to fit cars with number plates from Tehran and its surroundings in preparation for potential bombing attacks against the capital.
Iran’s Intelligence Ministry 15-minute video footage also revealed details of the suspects’ preparation of the bombs, vehicles and explosive materials targeting Tehran’s populated areas.
The video also showed how Iranian security agents stormed into the perpetrators’ hideout and arrested them.
Earlier reports said the IRIB would broadcast a documentary entitled “In the Depth of Disappointment” on Monday elaborating on the details of the foiled bombing plot against Iran.
On June 20, Iran’s Intelligence Ministry stated that it thwarted “one of the biggest terrorist plots” targeting Tehran and other Iranian cities.
“Intelligence Ministry operations detained the terrorists, confiscated several bombs, which were set to explode, along with a sizable amount of bomb-making ingredients from the culprits,” the statement said. – World News Report Via EIN News


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