Jabbar Ali is back

Jabbar Ali is back


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In the history of Bangladeshi TV drama, ‘Jabbar Ali’ is a famous character played by Amjad Hossain a renowned director and actor. Every year, he comes with new stories of Jabbar Ali. With each appearance, Jabbar Ali is getting new dimension with the time and situation. The drama’s catchphrase is, “taka den Dubai jamu, Dubai jamu taka den,” and the traditional scene would be of him having ‘sheoi’ (vermicelli) the night before Eid day.

Jabbar Ali is a character who conveys a social message to the audience by confessing his fraud in ca omic way. Amjad Hossain has successfully been playing this role for ages and now it has become regular during Eid specials. This year Jabbar Ali will be on air on Asian TV, where audience will see the relationship between two friends, and the ups and down in their lives. This year’s special is Jabbar Ali’r new story.


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