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Jamaat pledges Govt support to resolve common rivers issue


Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami on Thursday expressed deep concern over India’s reported move to connect Teesta-Ganga-Manas-Sankosh covering three states, saying the country will turn into a desert if the neighbouring country implements it.
In a statement, Jamaat acting ameer Maqbul Ahmad also said the Islamist party is ready to cooperate with the government to resolve the outstanding problem with India relating to sharing of water of the common rivers.Mentioning that Bangladesh and India share 54 common rivers, he said the country is not getting the due share of water from the rivers as India has set up various dams on them ignoring international rules and regulations.
It feared that though India has recently taken the task of connecting Teesta-Ganga-Manas-Sankosh in Assam, West Bengal and Bihar, it will gradually implement its entire river inter-linking project.
The party regretted that India, an upstream country, is implementing different projects in the common rivers without discussion with downstream Bangladesh.
It criticised the government for what the party said not taking any effective steps to deter India from implementing its new move.
“It’s a matter of existence of the country’s 16 crore people… the country’s people can’t understand where is the government’s weakness to take necessary measures to realise the fair share of water from the neighbouring country,” Maqbul stated.
The party suggested the government to mount pressure on Indian to hold a joint meeting to form a joint river commission immediately.
Recalling that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit here promised that his country won’t do anything that may cause harm to Bangladesh, the Jamaat leader hoped he will keep his words.
It urged the country’s all people to play an important role putting aside differences of opinion to ensure their just share of water. – UNB


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