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Jaya, Sabnam sell film tickets

Jaya, Sabnam sell film tickets

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The promotion of ‘Debi’ continues to shock people, as Jaya Ahsan and Sabnam Faria were seen selling film tickets at Chittagong’s Almas hall.After the release of ‘Debi’ on October 19, the film teams have been travelling outside of Dhaka to visit theatres where the film is being screened. As part of that effort, Jaya and Sabnam are touring Chittagong and they visited Almas hall at 12pm.
The actors spent a few moments with filmgoers outside the hall, after which they made their way straight to the ticket counter. They sat in place of the ticket salesmen and soon, people were astonished to find the stars behind the ticket-window.
Jaya said she sold tickets for close to 30 minutes. Jaya told reporters, “We did not just want to do the usual film promotion that everyone is accustomed to. Our film is not just a common film. We have always wanted to surprise our fans and entertain them with some humor. At the same time we also wanted to completely fit in to different contexts.
“So we tried something different when we came to visit theatres in Chittagong. We enjoyed surprising people who came to buy tickets and we learned how to sell film tickets.”
Jaya said her costar Sabnam Faria came from her hospital bed to Chittagong, which was a big thing for the ‘Debi’ team. Jaya said, “We must all have such dedication. Only then go we can forward in harmony.”