JU becomes guest birds' makeshift

JU becomes guest birds’ makeshift


The scenic and swampy Jahangirnagar University campus on the outskirts of the capital reappeared as a major seasonal abode of foreign guest birds as winter gradually sets in.

Hundreds of migratory birds belonging to over 70 species flocked at the campus having some 25 small and large lakes or water virtually ornamented and animated with water lilies, natural surrounding and a large number of green trees to offer a safe haven for the temporary foreign guests.

The misty and chilly weather in the huge green landscape gave the campus a blissful look to draw the foreign birds and human guests.

“We have been witnessing advent of the migratory birds on the campus skylines and swamps for the past several days . . . they are flying and plying with water lilies at the lakes besides Jahanara Imam hall, in front of administrative building and besides swimming pool,” a third year student of the university said.

At the onset of winter that brings in intolerable cold in northern hemisphere, the birds make their long flights mostly to tropical countries like Bangladesh for survival while the topographies like the Jahangirnagar campus appears as their sanctuaries providing them a soothing climate, safety and food for few months of the year.

“Usually about 70 to 75 species of migratory birds come here (JU campus) from the cold regions like Siberia, Mongolia, Xinxian and other places every year to escape from severe cold and dense fog,” Professor of the Zoology department of the university Dr Mostafa Firoze told BSS.

He said the number of foreign birds at the campus, however, could differ in different years but most of them belongs to various duck species like sharali, pochard, flycatcher, heron and comb duck.

The university authority took visible steps to make the campus comfortable for the foreign birds ensuring growth of water hyacinths or Kuchuripana and water lilies and removing unnecessary plants which are considered unsuitable for their habitation.

Simultaneously the university authorities installed billboards, banners and festoons at different points of the campus to make people aware about the comfort of the migratory birds and strict restrictions against hunting and misbehaving with the guests, reports BSS, Jahangirnagar University.


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