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Juicy litchi starts appearing in Rajshahi markets


With ten more days to appear the Bangla month of Joistha, commonly known as ‘Modhumash’ (honey month), the juicy fruit litchi has started appearing in the local markets of the region including Rajshahi city in limited scale like the previous years.But due to its less quantity, the present price is beyond purchasing capacity of the commoners.Side by side with the scorching heat and sultry weather the summer season brings many juicy fruits like litchi, mango, watermelon and jackfruit naturally in the region.Many seasonal traders set up makeshift shops at different points in the city especially Shaheb Bazar, Bindurmore, Luxmipur Bazar, Sheroil Bus Terminal, Railway station and Court bazaar displaying the eye- catching fruit.In advent of the season, the every 100-litchi fruits are being sold at Taka 300 to 350 based on quality and size. But its trading isn’t remained off despite of the high price as the upper class and riches are purchasing the high cost fruit whatever the price is to take the first taste.Looking the new fruit of the year, many people are coming to purchase it but return back failing to synchronize between their taste and capacity.“Now, I have no capacity to purchase litchi in accordance to my wish in the high price. I think, I have to wait for some days until its price is reduced,” said Nazmul Islam, a resident of Upashahar area, who came to Shaheb Bazar for purchasing litch, while expressing his reaction.The sellers said the price is high as the supply is scanty but commented that the price will be reduced to some extent when the supply will be enhanced within the next couple of days.Trader Shafiqul Islam at Shaheb Bazar said on Thursday that many of the farmers are seen harvesting unripe litchi in bid to get more money.He also said the farmers are harvesting the cash crop before full- length ripe with hope of more profit and in apprehension of natural calamity.Dr Abdul Alim, Principal Scientific Officer of Rajshahi Fruit Research Station, said that litchi is grown well in Rajshahi and Dinajpur districts in the northwest region but the litchi of Ishwardi is very delicious and famous across the country.He said commercial farming of some of the fruits especially mango and litchi are gradually being enhanced in the region. Dr Abdul Alim also said yield of litchi has been affected to some extent due to some frequent nor’wester and scorching heat. -BSS, Rajshahi


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