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Justin Trudeau carries Liberals to massive win in Canada


By Rachel Browne and Hilary Beaumont
Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau has been elected Canada’s 23rd prime minister, beating out Conservative leader Stephen Harper, who reigned for nearly a decade.
The son of the late Pierre Elliott Trudeau — a revered and reviled former leader — Trudeau, 43, is the first son of a prime minister to become, himself, prime minister.As of this writing, the Liberals had been elected in 155 ridings, and are projected to win 190 seats. The party needs a total of 170 seats to win a majority in the 338-seat House of Commons. Media outlets projected a Conservative opposition, with a projected 93 seats. The NDP are projected to win only 24 seats, and have only won two seats so far.
The Liberals flooded the east coast in what has been dubbed a “crimson tide,” taking out opposition candidates including strong NDP incumbent and environment critic Megan Leslie in Halifax.
“Sunny ways, my friends, sunny ways,” Trudeau told supporters during his victory speech at his riding in Montreal. “This is what positive politics can do. This is what a positive party, a hopeful vision and a platform and a team can make happen.”
“Canadians from all across this great country sent a clear message tonight it’s time for a change in this country, my friends. A real change.”
While Harper won his riding in Calgary, and the Canadian Press reported he will step down as leader of the Conservative party. An interim leader will be chosen in the coming days. –  Vice News


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