Khaleda blames AL for 'emergence of militancy'

Khaleda blames AL for ‘emergence of militancy’


Dhaka – BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia has blamed Awami League for the ‘emergence of militancy’ in the country and called for a national unity to eliminate it.
Speaking at a press conference at her Gulshan office on Monday, the BNP chief also called upon all to remain alert about dangerous attacks and evil efforts around them.“We all must be careful so that no one can put our security at stake by creating anarchy… it’s a very crucial issue for our national security. This danger must be faced together forging a national unity,” Khaleda told journalists.
Mentioning that some alarming incidents had taken place in the country when she was abroad, the BNP chief said some incidents are also occurring now and foreigners are being attacked. “Armed and secrets attacks are being made on people who hold different opinions.”
The BNP chief also voiced concern that religious gatherings, mosques and other worship places are also coming under attacks. “Terrorist incident like bomb attack are taking place despite having strong security.”
She alleged that government is making contradictory remarks about those who are involved in the heinous incidents.
Khaleda also alleged the militancy had surfaced during Awami League’s rule in 1996 to 2001 as the party misinterpreted Islam. “But they shifted the blame on the opposition and repressed them instead of eliminating militancy.”
The BNP chief claimed her last government could successfully eliminate militancy. “But, a deep concern is now everywhere over whether the militants have regrouped and regained power and whether the militants have any link to the international terrorism,” she observed.- UNB


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