Khaleda in distress for not being in Parliaent: PM. JS prorogued

Khaleda in distress for not being in Parliaent: PM. JS prorogued


Sheikh Hasina insists there is a ‘multi-party system’ of democracy in Bangladesh, or else Khaleda Zia would not have possibly addressed so many rallies.
The prime minister was responding to the BNP chief’s claim in Comilla on Saturday that the country was currently under a “one-person rule”. “There is a Cabinet in the country and everyone is discharging their duties,” Hasina said.In her closing remark in Parliament’s fourth session, the prime minister added, “We know the reason for BNP chief’s anguish. She is not in Parliament. She is neither here nor there.”
“That is the cause of her distress. She made a blunder by not joining the elections.”
In her 55-minute speech, the prime minister also highlighted the achievements of her government.
“There is an opposition which is pointing out the mistakes if we commit any,” she added.
“The current opposition party has emerged into a true democratic institution. The responsibility of the opposition party is to point out the mistakes of the government,” she said.
Stating that Parliament without the BNP was in a way good, the head of the government said, “We have been spared from listening to their foul languages. We had never heard such language.
“We couldn’t bring students to parliament. The people of the entire country have been saved. They did not have to listen to such languages on TV.”
On Khaleda’s claim that the Awami League did not support the Liberation War, the prime minister asked, “Then how could the country win freedom? BNP did not even exist then.”
The BNP chief might one day even claim that war criminals Motiur Rahman Nizami, Mohammad Kamruzzaman, Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mujaheed were all freedom fighters, the prime minister ridiculed.
“The Razakars, Al-Badr, whose company she (Khaleda) has been keeping, may also be called freedom fighters,” she quipped.
On the BNP chief’s claim that people’s rights to vote would be established if she returned to power, the prime minister said, “She could not thwart the January 5 elections despite all efforts. Now will she establish the rights to vote by killing hundreds of people?”
Hasina alleged that the BNP leader was afraid of facing trials since she was “involved in corruption”.
“She has siphoned off the money meant for the orphans. She looted the foreign fund for the orphanage. That is why she is now scared of facing the trial,” the prime minister alleged.
Khaleda was now harping for disbanding RAB that she had used to kill several people, Hasina claimed.
“RAB does an excellent work when she is in power and it becomes an awful organisation once she is out of power,” she said taking a veiled dig at her main political rival.
Responding to BNP chief’s claim that there was zero inflow of foreign investment, Hasina said from January to September investment to the tune of $1100.42 million came to Bangladesh.
Referring to the violence unleashed by the BNP and Jamaat-e-Islami in the run-up to the elections, the prime minister said, “I would like to thank Leader of the Opposition for articipating in the elections despite all odds. Democracy has been saved by the elections.”
“People are now in peace as we have been firmly running the country after the January 5 elections,’ she added.

President has prorogued the session of Parliament in exercise of powers conferred on him by the Constitution-



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