Khaleda on PM's Delhi visit: 'only giving not getting anything'

Khaleda on PM’s Delhi visit: ‘only giving not getting anything’


Dhaka – BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia on Wednesday termed Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s recent India visit as totally failed in terms of “only giving away and not getting anything” as many agreements and memorandum of understandings (MoUs) were signed on issues given priority by New Delhi and their proposal.Speaking at a press conference at her Gulshan office, the former premier said though the premier has become satisfied with her recent trip to India but the people are not happy with its outcomes rather they have become panicky.
“They (people) did not want a host of agreements and MoUs. They wanted account of their dues,” she said.
Khaleda arranged the press conference to give party’s formal reaction a day after the press conference of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on the outcomes of her visit.
Khaleda claimed that the premier came back with empty hands and she brought nothing but assurances to the countrymen.
She said the people would not be happy with just how well the PM was treated during her visit, rather they want to know what we have achieved from her visit.
The BNP chief said the people must wake up against the way the present government is running the country.
The BNP chairperson accused the then Indian government of nakedly interfering in Bangladesh’s internal politics ahead of what she said the last stigmatized and farcical elections.
“The people firmly believe that it was the last Indian government that directly assisted in prolonging the power by Awami League and the isolated government remains in power with their direct support,” she said.
“This present government could not or did not protect the national interests in signing any agreements or MoUs with India. They are only continuing to pay for the gratitude sacrificing the national interests and dignity and exchange pod state sovereignty.”
Replying to a question, the BNP chairperson said if voted to power they would review all anti-state agreements and MoUs after examining.
Asked whether the BNP would sponsor any programme against what they said anti-people agreements and MoUs, she parried the answer saying that the people would stand up against the misdeeds of the government.
Khaleda questioned the jurisdiction and rights of the present government what she said without peoples representative and consensus of taking any important decisions in national, international and regional arenas.
She accused the government of signing of a number of agreements and MoUs on sensitive issues by ironing the views of her party as well as people and said they along with the people are worried about their long-term adverse impacts.
“We think, mistrust has been deepened further by signing agreements and MoUs on sensitive matters like defence issue between the two countries by keeping people in the dark and without examining the public views,” she said.
Recalling the premier’s statement that she went to India from friendship and she got it, Khaleda said the people would judge her friendship on thin air.
“With this statement, she proved that she could not bring anything from India rather she gave everything as per demands of India,” she added.
Khaleda claimed that signing of agreements and MoUs with India in connection with defence cooperation, arms purchasing, line of credit loan, nuclear power project, import of diesel and power, increase of connectivity, satellite and cyber security would only increase the political, geographical and political expansionism on Bangladesh.
Replying to a question, she said they signed agreement with China since it is a arms exporting country and they did it in consultation with armed forces as they are used to use modern arms.
She opposed purchasing arms from an importing country saying that experts apprehend purchasing arms from importing country may fall adverse impact on their qualities.
The former premier however said that the BNP does not want hostility with India rather they recall their assistance in achieving the independence at a cost of many lives.
“We believe in resolving problems in different sectors including economy, trade, water resources and energy with India through cooperation and talks to make the independence meaningful. We want to live side by side with India people with an atmosphere of peace and cooperation,” she observed.
Khaleda made it clear that Bangladesh’s people are aggrieved with the unilateral role of the previous India government to destroy the democratic system in the country and hoped that India would come out from its previous mistakes and shows respect to the attitude of the peaceful people of the country.
The BNP chairperson thinks that the involvement of West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee in Teesta water sharing talks as a third party undermined Bangladesh’s sovereign dignity.
She termed the Teesta water sharing issue a matter between the two sovereign countries and the central India government has to resolve the issue.
Khaleda alleged that the Prime Minister questioned the necessity of Ganges Barrage being failed to get consent of the Indian government about the Bangladesh’s proposed Ganges Barrage accepted the Indian proposal to relocate its site and carry out fesibility anew.
She said a government without public support cannot realize national interest from another country taking a firm stand. “That’s why the present government could not realize national interest from India based on equal dignity and will not be able in future as well,” she added.
In her written statement, Khaleda criticised the Prime Minister’s meeting with ulema of Qaumi Madrashas influent by Hafazat-e-Islami and balmed her to start poltics with religion.
Former water resources minister Maj (Retd) Hafizuddin Ahmed explained the necessity of Teesta water for Bangladesh and reject the Mamata Banerjee’s alternative proposal to share water from other common rivers instead of Teesta.
BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, Dr Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain, Barrister Moudud Ahmed, Barrister Jamirudidn Sircar, Lt Gen Mahbubur Rahman and Goyeshwar Chandra Roy, among others, were present on the occasion. – Staff Reporter


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