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Khaleda promises no revange if Bnp back to power


BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia on Tuesday urged the government to arrange an election under a non-party election after reconstituting the Election Commission with neutral people and promised to the ruling Awami League that her party will not go for any political revenge if it returns to power.
Speaking at a discussion, the BNP chief also urged the government to follow the politics of unity, welfare, development shunning the vengeful one for implementation of the Liberation War spirit.
“On this day of our founding anniversary, I would like to say, let’s go forward for materialising the objectives for which we have liberated the country. Now we should shun the politics of vengeance. We need to do the politics of unity for the welfare of people, development of the country and serving the nation.”She further said, “Why should we think we’ll be there in power for ever without giving others the chance to come to power. People now want a change and they’re waiting for it. But, this change will happen only through a democratic way not by any other means. We want the change in power through a free, fair and inclusive election.”
Khaleda told the government not to be afraid of quitting power. “I’m giving you assurance that we won’t pursue the politics of vengeance. We won’t take revenge on any one. We only want a credible election under a non-party administration. We also demand the reconstitution of the current worthless Election Commission.”
BNP arranged the discussion at the Institution of Diploma Engineers, Bangladesh, marking its 37th founding anniversary.
On this day in 1978, General Zia founded the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) with a 19-point programme to build Bangladesh as a self-reliant one.
The BNP chief said the country’s people have got fed up with the current regime for the continued incidents of killing, enforced disappearance, misrule and misdeeds of the ruling party men. “People say now there’s no guarantee of natural death. This situation is created as there is no democracy and the rule of law in the country.”
She called upon the government to stop its repressive acts and release her party’s detained leaders and activists.
Khaleda criticised the government for what she said letting loose the BCL men who are assaulting teachers, engineers, police and other officials and indulging in various crimes. “Have they given the Chhatra League a freehand to beat up people, kill people and indulge in any misdeed?”
The BNP chief alleged that the government is spreading propaganda that if it returns to power will punish and sack those government officials and law enforcers against it.
She assured that her party will not take action against the government officials and members of any agencies as they carried out all acts, including killing and making people enforced disappearance, dictated by the government. “All the incidents took place at the behest of Hasina. So, Hasina and her cabinet members will be responsible for those.”
She also opposed the imposition of VAT on the students of private universities. “I demand the VAT on private universities be withdrawn immediately. This decision won’t be allowed to be implemented. We together with the students will register protest against the decision if it’s not revoked.”
BNP standing committee member Moudud Ahmed, Jamiruddin Sircar, ASM Hannan Shah, Gayeshwar Chandra Roy, among others, addressed the programme.
Khaleda also protested the recent hike in power and gas tariffs, and said the government did it to recoup the losses it incurred by subsidising quick rental power plants.
She said the government does not think how common people will be affected for the hike in power and gas prices as it is not elected by people.
The BNP chief alleged that the government has obstructed her party’s founding anniversary programmes at different parts of the country as it does not believes in democracy.
She said the government did not allow some rights bodies to hold a programme at the Jatiya Press Club with the family members of the victims’ of enforced disappearance on Sunday. “Why are you so much afraid of? The government has carried out all the incidents of killing, enforced disappearance and mass killing n the country. You have to be accountable for the incidents one day.”
Khaleda again demanded an international probe into the incidents of enforced disappearance took place in Bangladesh.
She alleged that Sheikh Hasina has gone mad to hang onto power and is making indecent remarks against her opponents. “I’m ashamed of responding to her those low-taste comments.”
Mentioning that they have started overhauling the party to invigorate it with dedicated and competent leaders, Khaleda asked her party’s senior leaders not to make any pocket committees in their areas.- UNB


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