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Khaleda repeats her stance for polls under neutral Govt


Repeating her earlier rigid stance on holding the national election under a caretaker government, BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia on Saturday night demanded immediate polls under any neutral administration, no matter in which name it will be called.
“In the last three city polls, it was proved again that no fair election is possible under Awami League. I don’t say the polls must be held under a caretaker government. We want a credible election to be held under a neutral administration, no matter in which name it’ll ill be called like,” she said.The BNP chief said, “Those who will come to power through that election will govern the country.”
Khaleda came up with her party’s latest stance on the general election while addressing a views-exchange meeting with the newly elected office bearers of Brahmanbaria District Bar Association.
Criticising the government for what she said obstructing the political activities of the opposition parties, the former Prime Minister said there is no democracy and the rule of law in the country now.
“Now political parties are unable to arrange any rally, procession and human chain programme in the country. The government has turned the entire country into a bigger prison. Their only task is to file cases against BNP leaders and activists,” she alleged.
Khaleda warned the government that it will not be able to perpetuate its power just depending on the administration and law enforcers. “We hope good sense will prevail upon them. Or else, their consequences will be very dire.”
Apparently inviting her arch rival Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to end their traditional rivalries, the BNP chief said, “Why don’t we see each other’s face? Why don’t we sit together? We’d introduced the parliamentary form of government sitting together.”
Recalling that the caretaker government system was introduced following the strong demand of Awami League and Jamaat, the BNP chief said the ruling party scrapped the system as it fears fair polls.
She alleged that the government is seriously denting the county’s image abroad by staging the dramas of arresting militants in the country.
The country is now passing through a critical juncture, Khaleda said adding, “There’s no security of people. There’s no peace as an anarchic situation has been created everywhere. People have lost their freedom of expression, while the media has lost freedom. Even, people are being denied justice.”
The BNP chief also accused the ruling party men of indulging in widespread corruption, tender manipulation, plundering public money and grabbing public property.
Khaleda alleged that people are getting killed in road crashes every day due to the bad shape of roads and highways across the country. “Nearly 242 people were killed in the last 10 days due to the sordid condition of the roads, but the government is least bothered about it.”
Accusing the government of trying to destroy BNP, she said no one will be able to annihilate BNP as it is deeply rooted in Bangladesh soil and also in people’s hearts.
Khaleda urged the lawyers to work hard for ensuring the victory of Jatiyatabadi Ainjibi Forum in the Bangladesh Bar Council election billed for August 26.- UNB


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