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Khaleda Zia greets enclave dwellers as they become Bangladesh citizens


BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia has felicitated the residents of erstwhile enclaves for becoming citizens of Bangladesh following implementation of the Land Boundary Agreement with India.
“BNP is happy at this glorious moment. BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia also shares the joy of the people in the now-defunct enclaves,” the party’s acting spokesperson Asaduzzaman Ripon said at a press briefing on Saturday.Over 37,000 people in 111 Indian enclaves inside Bangladesh had remained virtually stateless until Aug 1.The 17,000 people in 51 Bangladeshi enclaves in India too suffered the same fate before they were incorporated into the mainland on Saturday.Ripon urged the government to immediately take development projects to raise the quality of life of the people in the areas.“We appeal to the government to take measures for education, health, communication and economic development of the people of the erstwhile enclaves.”
He said, “We have seen a BBC report that said nationality of some people in an enclave was not determined as per their wishes. Some Muslims wanted to take up Indian nationality but they were forced to opt for Bangladesh citizenship.”He urged the government to “solve the crisis” if there was any scope.


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