Khaleda's shock at 27 stampede deaths: Poverty forces endanger life

Khaleda’s shock at 27 stampede deaths: Poverty forces endanger life


Expressing her deep shock over the deaths of 27 people in Mymensingh stampede, BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia on Friday alleged that people are being forced to endanger their lives for colleting Zakat clothes as their poverty level has gone down to a worrying level.“People are being compelled to put their lives in danger to collect Zakat (clothes) every year as their poverty level has worsened horribly. This scenario is contrary to the brag about Bangladesh’s economic advancement and achieving economic growth. It’s rather a mockery,” she said in a condolence message.
She regretted that the government is not taking any initiative for the welfare of the country’s people living below the poverty line.
Khaleda alleged that the ruling party men are plundering public money from various projects for the hardcore poor people.
“The hapless people don’t have any alternative to depending on the charity of individuals when the state and the government forget to stand beside the ultra poor. Under the circumstances, many poor people have been getting killed in incidents of stampede every year while collecting Zakat,” she observed.
She further said, “I’m very shocked and saddened like the relatives of 24 women and children those were killed in stampede today (Friday) in Mymensingh while collecting Zakat clothes.”
The incidents of stampede happen every year during distribution of Zakat clothes and money due to the carelessness of Zakat givers, Khaleda stated.
Claiming that the government cannot evade its responsibility for the incident, the BNP chief said had the local administration and law enforcers earlier taken steps to maintain discipline during the Zakat clothes distribution, the incident of the killing of so many people would not have taken place.
She urged the government to look into the matter to find out whether the local administration and the law enforcers had any negligence of duty in this regard.
Khaleda also demanded the government provide the victims’ families with proper compensation.
She prayed for salvation of the departed souls and conveyed her profound sympathy to the bereaved family members.
At least 25 poor women and children were killed and 50 people injured in a stampede as they crowded for receiving Zakat clothes distributed by local Nurani Jarda Factory near Mymensingh municipality office early Friday.- UNB


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