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Kudankulam NPP-2 gets nod from Indian Regulator


The Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) of India has given its nod for generating electricity from the second unit of Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant, an Indo-Russian joint venture ,weeks after the 1000 MWe unit attained criticality. Earlier on December 31, 2014 the unit-I of the KNPP started commercial generation.“The Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant Unit-2 has achieved a critical milestone. It first attained criticality on July 10 at 20.56 hours. Having completed the mandatory tests, we have got permission from AERB for going ahead”, KNPP Site Director R S Sundar said in Kudankulam.
“We will be proceeding towards producing electricity from Unit-2. It is India’s 22nd Nuclear Power Reactor and this will add 1,000 MWe to the Southern grid and will further raise the contribution of nuclear power to 6,780 MWe”, he said in his speech on the occasion of 70th Independence Day celebrations.
“Unit 1 is giving excellent performance from February 2016 and since then the reactor is operating continuously. I am very happy to share, today we have completed 175 days of continuous operation of Unit-1 (since its restart in February last after remaining shut for seven months for annual maintenance),” Sundar said. Unit-1 has so far generated 10,900 million units of electricity since its synchronisation with the grid.
On the expansion of KNPP, he said site excavation activities for Unit 3 and 4 had begun and so far six lakh cubic metres of soil excavation had been completed. “We are abiding by the statutory clearance of Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board and all AERB stipulations. I am sure we soon expect first pour of concrete, a very major milestone towards construction of Unit 3 and 4”, he added.
India is going to set up 12 nuclear power units at two sites with Russia’s assistance. Of those 12 units, 8 are planned in the Kudankulam area of Tamilnadu.
Mani Shankar Aiyar, former Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas of India and senior leader of the Indian National Congress in his comments said, ‘Nuclear energy is clean. The Kudankulam NPP is a potent symbol of Russian-Indian cooperation and of our time- tested friendship and relationship. It is important that Kudankulam perform at top-quality ratings and ensures complete safety. One welcomes Russia’s commitment to these demanding standards.


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