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Kyant become a deep depression over W-S-W Bay of Bengal


Cyclone Kyant reversed its gear into a deep depression over the west south- west Bay of Bengal, sprinkled some showers in different parts of the country including the city that left many streets water logged causing traffic congestion.The rains in the city in four hours till 10am were light to heavy totaled 19mm.
It returned in the late afternoon for nearly an hour between 5-20pm till 6-10 pm that caught the commuters by surprise stranded in traffic congestion.
Met Office sources said, the left over of the cyclone Kyant, the deep depression may lose itself in the south west Bay that may cause more rains early Today over the country, mainly in the south. But there would be some light rains over the city too, the sources said.
But the rains may not be heavy but light.
The Kyant was brewed off a deep depression in the south Bay on Tuesday.
The deep depression was formed off a low pressure that was formed on Sunday. The low pressure developed in the Bay earlier on Tuesday.
Another spin off from the rains was fall in day temperature that came down yesterday to 30Degrees Celsius over 33.8C on Wednesday.
Because of the rains in the early hours the morning temperature declined to 24.2C from 25.5C on Wednesday.


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