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Large fish catches marked in Munshiganj section of the Padma


Dhaka – For the last couple of weeks, the Padma River in this district has been abundant with big size fishes of different species such as roui, katal, boal and pangas thanks to the sudden influx of gushing waters from the upstream hill regions, BSS news agency has reported.Local fishermen of the river said they believe upstream floodwaters have brought the fishes this lean season. There has however been no confirmation from the department of fisheries.
Rahim Dewan, a fisherman of Lohajang upazila, said he netted a 14-kg katal fish and sold it for Taka 11,000 at Mawa fish terminal on Monday.
Fisherman Ruhul Amin Dewan said he also caught six big size katal fishes in the river Tuesday. He sold the fishes ranging from Taka 7,000 to 10,000 each at Mawa fish market. The fishermen, however,said the movement of hilsa fish is thin due to the sudden rise of water level in the river.
Fisherman Rulul Amin Dewan added that he also netted only 3 hilsa fishes each weighing one kilo in the river on Sunday night. He sold the fishes at Taka 7,000 at Mawa fish terminal.
Fisherman Shorab Fakir netted a 22-kg pangas last week and sold the fish at Taka 16,000.


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