Lata Mangeshkar pens an open letter to record companies on the 'remix trend'

Lata Mangeshkar pens an open letter to record companies on the ‘remix trend’


It is the age of remixes, of turning the old into new and creating chart-topping numbers. Be it the remixed version of Ek Do Teen featuring Jacqueline Fernandez or Laila Main Laila featuring Sunny Leone; these tracks have caught the attention of the youth in a big way.However, not everyone is happy about this new trend. In fact, veteran artist and Bollywood’s revered playback singer Lata Mangeshkar has been so affected by the said remixes that she recently wrote an open letter on the same. The singer took to social media site Twitter to share the link to her piece on remixes. She mentioned that she was prompted to write the article after having a telephonic conversation with lyricist Javed Akhtar on the subject. Here’s an excerpt from the piece:
Remixing the songs in itself is not a problem. To keep the song’s essence alive and to present a recreated version of the same is actually a good thing. But to upset the very structure and words of the original song is something that is disheartening to see. To maintain the purity and originality of Hindi songs is the responsibility of the recording companies. However, it looks like that those very companies have forgotten their duties. I request these companies in question to look at songs as not only a means of money-making but as something that reflects our culture.    -Times of India


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