Locals recover minor boy dead after rescuers give up

Locals recover minor boy dead after rescuers give up


The body of the ill-fated 4-year old boy has finally been retrieved from the 600 feet water pump well by local youngsters soon after the rescue mission was abandoned by the Fire Service and Civil Defence and other related services.
The youngsters dropped a triangular anchor- shaped trap into the well and when it went about 250 down they felt the trap had touched something that was wrapped it with it. They pulled the trap up and finally found the T-shirt below which the body of the boy was hanging.
The body was taken to the Dhaka Medical College Hospital where doctored declared him dead. Details of he cause of death would be availabble after autopsy. Residents of the locality expressed their anguish at the Fire Service personnel and state minister for home affairs Asaduzzaman for stating that nothing was there down the well, and the story of slipping the down down the about 18-inch dia pipe was a rumour.

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Earlier the overnight effort of Fire Service rescuers, as stated, did not yield any trace of the four-year-old boy, who slipped into a 600-foot deep pipe of an abandoned railway water well at Shahjahanpur Railway Colony on Friday.
“We have dropped a high resolution camera inside the well but could not get a sight of the four-year-old boy till early morning. But still we are trying out level best,” Abdul Halim, deputy assistant director of Fire Service and Civil Defense (FSCD), said on Saturday morning.
After sighting the photo clip, it is found that there were some wastes, including visiting cards and cock sheets, inside the pipe, he added. “We’ll continue our drive and try to confirm if there is presence of any human being inside the pipe,” he said.
Besides, the rescuers sent an iron cage inside the pipe around 8:45 am on Saturday, in an effort, if possible, to pull out the body.
However, the family members of the four-year-old boy claimed that Jihad is inside the pipe.
Jihad, son of Nasir Uddin of the railway colony, suddenly slipped into the deep pipe around 4:30 pm on Friday while playing near the abandoned pump house, said officials at Fire Service and Civil Defence (FSCD) control room.
Earlier, the rescuers’ efforts to detect the position of Jahid with a sophisticated GoPro camera 11 hours after his fall also turned futile as the picture shown, as stated, seemed to be of a sack or clothes.
But local people kept up the pressure for rescue of the boy saying that the children, playmates of Jihad, could not tell lies as they stated. Some local youngsters conducted their own rescue operation after the Fire Service personnel abandoned the rescue operation at about 2 pm.
The accident occurred Friday afternoon when the minor was playing with his friends beside the 14-inch diameter pipe.
The trapped boy is identified as Ziaur, some said Jihad, son of Nasiruddin, of the Railway Colony. A four-year-old boy fell into a 600-foot deep well of an abandoned railway pump at Shahjahanpur Railway Colony in the city on Friday afternoon.
Officials at Fire Service and Civil Defence (FSCD) control room said that the minor boy, Zia, was playing near the abandoned pump house and suddenly slipped into the 600-feet deep well around 3:30 pm. Being informed, a Fire Service team went to the spot.
Fire Servicemen had earlier first tried to rescue the boy by lowering a rope into the well. It was reported that the boy caught the rope but could not hold on to it as it was pulled upwards. Efforts were being made to keep the boy alive by pumping oxygen into the well and sending food to the him who at times was reported crying. Local people told journalists that the boy fell into the abandoned 18-inch diameter pipe of the abandoned well apparently when he was playing there. Neighbours and parents of the boy rushed to the well hearing sound of the boy crying.
Fire service sent a team of rescuers to the spot soon after. As the effort to rescue the boy by dropping a rope did not succeed, the Fire Servicemen dropped a bag with the rope tied to it with the hope that the boy might get into it. But it did not work.
Next Fire Servicemen using a crane pulled out a 2-inch dia pipe from inside the big galvanised iron (GI) pipe with the hope of achieving more maneuvrability to bring the boy out from 600 feet down. A young man named Bashir came forward and volunteered to go down the pipe with support from the Fire Servicemen. Bashir was reported to have done rescue operation at the Rana Plaza building collapse site risking life last year. He however was found not having adequate expertise and experience to do the risky work.
When this report was filed early on Saturday Fire Servicemen were seen trying to assess the state of the boy by dropping a bore hole camera along with the torch light before trying to drop a ‘catcher’ to pull the boy out from 600 feet depth. – Staff Reporter


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