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Losses unlikely, say tanners about rawhide sale


Dhaka: Amid media reports that seasonal rawhide traders suffered huge losses this year, tanners and wholesalers have claimed that they hardly faced any loss as they did not purchase rawhides at prices lower than fixed ones during the Eid-ul-Azha. UNB News Agency Reported.
Rawhide hoarders and tanners, however, said the prices of rawhides this time are 10 percent less than the previous year mainly for two reasons –international price fall and hike in salt prices in Bangladesh.
General secretary of Bangladesh Hide & Skin Merchants Association Tipu Sultan said rawhides were not sold at lower prices than the fixed ones. “Each A grade salted cowhide was sold at Tk 1300-Tk 1400 in the capital. The average size of the cowhides is 20-22 feet.”
“The prices of rawhides are only 10 percent less this year in the country, though international prices declined by 30 percent. Besides, salt price was only Tk 550/a sack (70kg) last year, which jumped to Tk 1500-Tk 1700 this year,” he told UNB on Sunday.
He alleged that an unscrupulous syndicate created the artificial crisis of salt in the market, causing a sharp rise in its price on the night of Eid-ul Azha.
Tipu said the rawhides of sacrificial animals will come to Dhaka from across the country till over the next two months.
Echoing Tipu, general secretary of Bangladesh Tanners Association Shakhawat Ullah also attributed the rawhide price fall to its low price on the international market and the rise in salt price this year compared to the previous years.
He said 60 percent of rawhide supply to the country’s tanneries comes during Eid-ul-Azha as huge number of animals, cow, buffalos, goats and sheep, are sacrifice on the occasion. The tanners also prefer the rawhides of sacrificial animals because of their good quality.
Omar Faruk, a seasonal skin trader, who bought some 200 cowhides from Laksam in Comilla, said he sold each of the rawhide at Tk 700 on average, Tk 100 less than his purchased rate.
Amir Hossain, one of the owners of M/s Amanullah Ullah and Brothers in the city’s Postha area, said they bought some 2,400 rawhides from seasonal traders at the prices fixed by Bangladesh Tanners’ Association.
“We’ve purchased each big-sized cowhide at Tk 1200 to Tk 1300. We’ve to now spend Tk 300-Tk 350 more to preserve each hide. So, the total cost of per piece hide will stand at Tk 1600-Tk 1700,” he said.
Another rawhide hoarder, Subash Chandra, who collected some 1,400 rawhides said he will have to count huge loss unless he sells rawhide less than Tk 75-Tk80 per foot.
On September 9 last, tanners announced the prices for rawhides of sacrificial animals lowering the price by 10 percent from last year’s rates.
The price of salted raw cowhide was set at Tk 50 per square foot in Dhaka and Tk 40 outside Dhaka. The price of goatskin was set at Tk 20 per square foot in Dhaka and Tk 15 outside Dhaka.


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