Lucky Akhand seeks govt help for treatment

Lucky Akhand seeks govt help for treatment


Legendary singer-composer Lucky Akhand, who has been suffering from lung cancer for long, has sought assistance from the government to continue his treatment.It has become impossible for Lucky to afford the treatment of the disease which has recently showed a remarkably deteriorating trend.
Lucky was again admitted to BIRDEM Hospital after his return from Bangkok
on March 25.

Lucky said, “If the government helps me, I will get great solace from the disease. All my money has been spent for chemotherapy. Now I have no money to continue treatment.”
Some of the notable songs of Lucky are “Agey Jodi Jantam”, “Amay Dekona”, “Mamonia”, “Ei Neel Monihar”, “Hridoy Amar”.
He won the first prize in “Modern Bangla Songs” category from the Pakistan Art Council in 1969.
Assistance can be sent to Lucky Akhand through the following address: Bangkok Bank, Thailand A/C Number: 113.4.91868.7 Or Uttara Bank
A/C Number: SB1476 Dutch Bangla A/C Number: 162.101.137359


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