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Madrasa teacher nabbed over Faisal murder


The police detained a man from Fulgazi upazila of Feni district on Tuesday in connection with publisher Faisal Arefin Dipan murder.A police official, seeking anonymity, said the man named mufti Zahidul Hasan Maruf, 24, son of mufti Habib Ullah, of Amzadhat union of Fulgazi was picked up three days ago.However, the law enforcers have not yet formally said anything about the detention.The detainee is identified as assistant teacher at Zamiya Arabiya Ahsanul Ulum Madrasa and Orphanage in Fulgazi.Father of Zahidul Hasan said a group of plainclothes policemen picked up Zahidul by a microbus from his resident there.On Wednesday night, Zahid made a phone call to his mother, he added.
Zahidul’s father said his three sons, including Zahidul, are teaching in different local madrasas.”None of them is involved in any political party. None went to Dhaka ever,” he claimed.Local people said mufti Habi Ullah founded the Zamiya Arabiya Ahsanul Ulum Madrasa and Orphanage. He later appointed his son after Zahidul finished his education.
Amzadhat union parishad chairman Ibrahim Khalilullah said, “I know members of the family. The family is known to be pious in the area.”Earlier on 31 October, unidentified assailants hacked to death publisher Faisal Arefin Dipan at his office in the capital city.


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