Magistrate Nazim's extraordinary work

Magistrate Nazim’s extraordinary work


We salute Assistant commissioner and executive magistrate Nazim Uddin of Bagerhat for having caught redhanded Pakhibaba, Maksudur Rahman Paik and Mahamud hasan Paik. Now they are in the jail.The two brothers, pakhibaba have been earning money from the ordinary people by doing false treatment using a bone of a bird about 400 years old they claimed.
There are many more pakhibabas from lower level to upper level in our society but a few people like Najim Uddin to catch them.
A few days ago, we have seen ‘jiner badsa’ and they grab a huge amount of money from many people. Jiner Badsa used TV add regularly at midnight through many TV channels.
We asked the government to enact a stringent law and implement it to punish such culprits immediately.
Mawduda Hasnin


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