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Mango harvesting and marketing ban till June 5


A ban has been imposed on mango harvesting and marketing in Bagha and Charghat Upazilas of the district till June 5 next to give optimum time for natural ripening.Local administration has taken the decision on Friday last in the wake of artificially ripening of immature mango through mixing harmful chemicals and marketing those frequently which creates grave concern among the consumers in general across the country.
Monjur Hossain, a mango trader in Charghat, says some dishonest traders had started harvesting green mangoes much before ripening. They were trying to marketing those through artificially ripening. For this reason, the punitive measures were taken.
He added that most of the mangoes will become matured and ripen within the stipulated time and then those could be harvested normally.AKM Monjure Mawla, Upazila Agriculture Officer in Charghat, said the indigenous varieties mangoes have started ripening. But the two most delicious and famous varieties- Gopalbhog and Khirshapat- need some more days to ripen. To this end, the mango growers and traders were kept in close observation and monitoring relating to the issue.If anyone who will be found guilty of harvesting immature mango and marketing those through mixing harmful chemicals will be brought under punitive action.
Badal Chandra Halder, Upazila Nirbahi Officer in Bagha, says formalin-mixed mango is harmful for the public health. So, in addition to the field-level strict surveillance, mango harvesting and marketing has been banned till June 5 next.He said drastic action will be taken against those who will be found guilty of violating the ban. Simultaneously, the truck-bus owners associations were also asked to refrain from mango loading, unloading and transporting during the restricted period.In the initial stage of the previous harvesting season, a circle of unscrupulous businessmen had started harvesting immature mango and marketing those through spraying harmful chemical and formalin. As the news spread local administration destroyed mango after unloading trucks across the country.Besides, mobile court fined and jailed some dishonest traders that led to violence between police and traders at Baneshwar Bazar under Puthiya upazila of the district. In order to avert such type of unpleasant incidents this year, local administration adopted the measures in advance.Meanwhile, Md Muniruzzaman, President of Rajshahi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said local administrations in all other mango growing areas in Rajshahi and Chapainawabgonj districts should follow the precautionary measures like Charghat Bagha as early as possible so that the corrupt businessmen can never commit any malpractice relating to the mango harvesting and marketing.The greedy traders and others concerned were frequently found contaminating mango with various harmful chemicals. He said off-season fruits are generally treated with this chemical.“Mangoes mixed with deadly chemicals such as carbide is extremely hazardous for human health. The chemical has a long-term affect on human body,” Munir said.Quoting the health experts the chamber leader said only 100 gram of calcium carbide can ripen nearly 100 kilogram of mangoes while the chemicals could cause deadly diseases like cancer, kidney and liver complications.
Mango is the leading seasonal cash crop of the country’s northwest region and dominates the economy in the two districts famous for the delicious fruit.They said there are about 30 lakh mango trees of different ages and varieties on some 32,816 hectares in the region with creation of many more new mango orchards and increased mango farming in the homesteads in recent years. So, promotion of best practice in the harvesting and marketing system has become an urgent need, he categorically said. -BSS, Rajshahi


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