Inadequate cyclone shelters grave worry for Khulna

Inadequate cyclone shelters grave worry for Khulna


Many of the existing rundown in the coastal dist

People in highly natural disaster-prone Khulna are now passing worrying moments during the current stormy weather season as the number of shelter centers in the coastal district is less than required.  The existing cyclone shelters are in dilapidated condition as well in absence of proper maintenance for long. Many of these shelter centres are in so shabby state that they even appear to be risky for the people coming to take refuge here at the time of any natural calamity. Due to the inadequacy of shelter centres, lakhs of people in the coastal district will find nowhere to seek shelter even after getting signal of any impending disasters, like tidal surge, cyclone, depression or river erosion. Consequently, there might be massive casualties and damage of properties if natural disasters hit the coastal district. –UNB, Khulna


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