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Ministers, lawmakers among human traffickers: Saki


Protesters on Monday demanded immediate action to rescue Bangladeshi would-be migrants who are left ‘floating’ off the coasts of Thailand and Malaysia, as well as stern punishment against human traffickers for their heinous crimes.
The demand came from a rally organized by Gono Sanghati Andolan in front of Jatiya Press Club with an ultimatum of 48 hours to take necessary steps to rescue the migrants and action against the culprits involved in human trafficking.Chaired by Zonayed Saki, also the chief coordinator of Gono Sanghati Andolan, Firoz Ahmed, a central member of the organisation, and Shoykot Mollik, president of Bangladesh Chhatra Federation, spoke on the occasion.
Deploring that Bangladeshis are floating and dying in the oceans but the government is not taking responsibility for them, Saki said a government that cannot save its own people and cannot take responsibility for its migrants can never be the government of the people as it claims.
He also alleged the government’s ministers and lawmakers are involved in human trafficking along with local traffickers and godfathers.
Speakers demanded immediate steps to bring back those ill-fated migrants as early as possible. They also demanded ensuring safe migration for the people and exemplary punishment to those traffickers who are involved in the illegal activity.
Later they brought out a rally and staged a sit-in procession in front of the Foreign and Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment Ministry in favor of their demand. – UNB


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