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Ministry sees murder accused Nur Hossain one year after


The government has removed Nur Hossain, the prime accused in the Narayanganj seven-murder case, from the councillor post of Narayanganj City Corporation and has declared the post vacant.

Additional secretary of the Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives Ministry Ashok Madhab Roy has told journalists that a circular was issued on Nur Hossain’s expulsion on Thursday but it was disclosed  (Sunday).

Narayanganj abduction-murders

Narayanganj abduction-murders

The circular said since a trial proceeding is going on at an Indian court against Nur Hossain and a Narayanganj court sentenced him to one-year imprisonment for keeping wild birds at his residence under the Wildlife Conservation and Security Act 2009, he has been expelled as per the Local Government (City Corporation) Act.

The ministry also declared the councillor post vacant, the circular added.

On April 27, 2014, NCC panel mayor Nazrul Islam and six others were abducted. Later, their bodies have been recovered from the Shitalaykha River on April 30.

Nur Hossian, also a Narayanganj city Awami League leader, and his five associates went into hiding following the abduction and killing of the seven people. Nazrul’s wife filed an abduction case against Nur on April 28.

The ministry has so far proved very prompt in imprisoning and removing pro-Bnp mayors of Habiganj and Sylhet on the charge of murder of fomer finance minister Shah AMS Kibria, the Mayor of Rajshahi on the charge of arson attact and subersive activities during the recent opposition movement, impriosoned and charged with subversive activities the Mayor of Gazipur who did create history by winning a ‘challenge’ election.

The mayors of Habiganj and Sylhet were charged in a supplementary charge-sheet filed in 2014, 10 years after the murder of Kibria in 2014. They are now lanuishing in jail.

On June 15 last year, Kolkata police arrested Nur Hossain from an apartment in Paschimbanga. – Unb


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