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Mirpur suspected militant hideout rocked by bombs blasts


Dhaka, Sept 5 – The suspected militants cordoned off in a hideout at Mirpur’s Mazar Road failed to surrender before law enforcers within a stipulated time on Monday evening today, and then commenced a ‘daring counterattack of bomb explosions and gunfire’ against the law enforcers.Witness said at least 5/6 sounds of explosions were heard from the room around 9:45pm, followed by gunfire. The sound of “exchanged hear after the explosion.
The militants started bullets exchange just like rain, witness said. Earlier, Rapid Action Battalion (Rab) said the militants agreed to surrender in the evening.
“Suspected militant Abdullah agreed to surrender along with his two wives, two children and two associates between 7:30 pm and 8pm today,” Rab Director (Legal and Media) Mufti Mahmud told a press conference in front of the building they kept cordoned off since 12 am.
He said they earlier asked Abdullah to surrender when he sought time for taking the decision. “We gave him time. Few minutes before the dusk, he informed us that he’ll surrender along with his family members and associates,” he said.
As per his commitment, Abdullah sent his wives and children to the balcony, Mufti added.
As part of the security arrangement, the law enforcers earlier evacuated all the residents of their building and adjacent houses, he said. “We hoped Abdullah will surrender as per his commitment. If he tries to take any other steps without surrender, we’re ready to prevent him,” the Rab official said.
Earlier, Abdullah’s mentally challenged sister Meherunnesa came out of the house.
Rab members cordoned off the house around 12 am suspecting it as a militant hideout.
Tipped off, a Rab team cordoned off the six-storey building on the south side of Martyred Intellectuals’ Graveyard, said Assistant Superintendent of Police Unu Mong, also operation officer of Rab-4.
Locals said they heard the sounds of bomb explosions and gunfight from the house.
Mufti Mahmud Khan said Abdullah, a suspected militant, is staying on the 4th floor of the building.
Earlier, police arrested two suspected militants conducting a drive in Tangail district. The arrested militants gave information about Abdullah, said the Rab official.
Locals also said that the building owned by Habibullah Bahar Azad has five flats on its each floor. The building owner had been living on the 2nd floor.
In a press briefing, Rab Director General Benazir Ahmed said militant Abdullah got involved in militancy in 2005 and he had been carrying out his activities under the cover of his business of IPS, UPS, fridges and refrigerators. He deposited huge acid, petroleum and explosives, said the Rab DG.
Benazir Ahmed said Rab members were trying to communicate with Abdullah, who was possessing improvised explosive device (IED), from 4 am. His two wives, two children and two associates were also staying with him.
“We’re trying to arrest Abdullah along with his family members without any causality. We’ve requested him several times to surrender. He sought time for taking decision,” the Rab DG said. – UNB


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