Moudud finds int'l conspiracy behind secret killings

Moudud finds int’l conspiracy behind secret killings


BNP senior leader Moudud Ahmed on Friday alleged that international plotters are patronising militancy and recent target killings in Bangladesh as it lacks democracy. Speaking at a discussion, he also alleged that the government is not sincere in curbing militancy. “Militants and extremists have emerged as there is no democracy in the country… there’s no doubt that an international conspiracy is behind the militancy here,” he said. Dhaka, UNB News Agency Reported.

Sammilita Peshajibi Parishad, a pro-BNP body of professionals, organised the discussion marking the shutdown of all newspapers, except four ones, on June 16, 1975. Moudud said the government will not be able to tackle terrorism and militancy unless democracy is ‘restored’. “The militancy can be controlled if a democratic, accountable and representative government is established through a fair election.”

He also said the government should take steps for forging a national unity in the country to effectively deal with militancy. “BNP will respond positively if the government seeks its help in this regard.” Raising doubt about the government’s sincerity to eliminate militancy, the BNP leader said, “The government is says it is showing zero tolerance to militancy. Nearly 27 killing incidents took place by extremists, but the government can’t start the trial of any of the incident.”

He said the then Awami League government in 1975 had established one-party Baksal rule by formally removing democracy from the country’s constitution. “But, the current situation is much horrible that that time as a one-party rule has been now restored keeping democracy only in the charter.”

Moudud alleged that the government has committed a grave political crime by depriving the country’s people of exercising their right to franchise in the 10th parliamentary, city corporation, municipality and union parishad elections.


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