Mujaheed decides to file review petition

Mujaheed decides to file review petition


Condemned Jamaat leader Ali Ahsan Muhammad Mojaheed will file a petition with the Supreme Court seeking a review of its verdict upholding his death penalty for crimes against humanity during the Liberation War, said Mojaheed’s counsel Shishir Monir on Saturday.
Talking to reporters at the jail gate, Shishir Monir said, “His client Jamaat leader Mojaheed will file a review petition against the Supreme Court verdict upholding the judgment of the International Crimes Tribunal-2 that condemned him to death.”

Earlier, lawyers of Mojaheed met him at Dhaka Central Jail on Saturday morning.

Mojaheed’s counsel Shishir Monir said five lawyers, led by him, entered the jail around 10:40 am and came out of it around 11:40 am.

He said Mojaheed is physically fit and mentally strong, and ought doa from the people of the country.

During the meeting, Mojaheed asked them to prepare for filing the review petition and wanted to meet them again before submission of the review petition, said Shishir.

“The State has failed to prove the allegations brought against me. The State brought the allegation based on assumption,” Mojheed was quoted as telling Shishir.

In 1972, 42 cases were filed in connection with intellectual killings. “My name was not there in those cases,” he quoted Mojaheed as saying.

Besides, a probe committee, headed by noted filmmaker Zahir Raihan, had been formed for looking into the intellectual murders during the Liberation War. Barrister Amirul Islam and Barrister Moudud Ahmed were the members of the committee.

During the trial, the probe committee report was not placed before the court, said Shishir quoting Mojaheed.

“My client thinks that the Appellate Division will consider his review petition and will release him after considering his logic in the case”, said Shishir Monir.


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