Muslim 'Pilgrim boat' capsizes in Thailand, 13 dead

Muslim ‘Pilgrim boat’ capsizes in Thailand, 13 dead


A boat has capsized after hitting a bridge in the central Thai city of Ayutthaya, killing at least 13 people including a child, local media say.
The two-deck boat was travelling the Chao Phraya river at 16:00 local time (09:00 GMT) when the crash happened.It is said to have been carrying more than 100 people, many of them Muslim pilgrims.
The accident occurred near the Wat Sanam Chai temple, a popular tourist destination.
More than 30 people were injured and dozens are still missing.
Passengers were travelling from Ayutthaya back to Nonthaburi, a suburb of the capital Bangkok, after attending an Islamic religious rite in the city, the Bangkok Post said.
Correspondents say road and boat accidents are common in Thailand where safety standards can be well below international levels.
The Chao Phraya is a busy commuter waterway, often packed with crowded boats. -BBC


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