'Muslims should be middle-roaders, vocal against extremism'

‘Muslims should be middle-roaders, vocal against extremism’


Shah Abdul Hannan, former secretary to the govt of Bangladesh says Islamists should be middle roaders and create public opinion against terrorism, extremism and sectarianism.An Islamic thinker and a strategist respected for his honesty as a top bureaucrat of the country he has posted a message outlining eight steps that are needed to be taken by islamic organisations now and in future to solve problems of the Ummah. Given below the text nof his message:
“After deep thought over 10 years, I feel the following are the steps needed to be taken by the organizations of the Ummah now and in future to solve its problems—-
“1.Islamic movements/parties/groups/organizations have to be more wise, practical and wasatiya ( middle road follower)
“2.Creating public opinion against terrorism,extremism and sectarianism.
“3.To prepare more competent people/scholar/leader/writer.Every active Islam loving person should be like a think tank, plan and work.
“4.Remove ignorance about Islam by spreading standard, well written books/cd’s
“5.Establish fully fair election system, human rights.
“6.Estabish women rights fully in keeping with Islam.They have equitable rights in Islam( see Women rights at the time of Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) by Abdul Halim Abu Shukka etc ).If women feel assured of their honorable position, they will work for Islam more than men
“7.Establish more Islamic universities, colleges, schools,other institutions, upgrade Madrasah curricula.
“8.Spread Islamic Banking.
Shah Abdul Hannan”


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