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National consensus is necessary to face militancy and terrorism: BNP


Dhaka-BNP standing committee member Dr Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain yesterday put emphasis on the need for forging national consensus to face militancy and terrorism in the country.“Terrorism and militancy are emerging in the country as there no real democracy here. So, curbing militancy and terrorism is not possible without forging a national consensus,” he said while visiting Ramkrishna Mission.
The BNP leader further said side by side forging a national unity and consensus a democratic environment is needed in the country to face militancy and secret killings.
A BNP delegation led by him visited Ramkrishna Mission in the wake of recent IS’s threat of carrying out attack on it.
Dr Mosharraf accused the government of carrying out secret and targeted killings to cling to power.
He further said forging a national consensus is needed to free the people from panic and sense of sense of insecurity.
The BNP leader also called upon the government to stop blame game and get united to face militancy.
He also accused the government of diverting the attention of people from its failure.
The BNP delegation went to Ramkrishna Mission at about 12:30pm and held a meeting with its principal Swami Dhrubesha Nandaji Moharaj.
Dr Mosharraf said they went to Ramkrishna Mission at the directive of party chairperson Khaleda Zia to express their solidarity with them. He said the BNP condemned the threat.
He said Swamiji expressed hi satisfaction at their visit to the Ramkrishna Mission
Terming BNP as a liberal democratic party and its stance is against militancy and terrorism, he said his party was no involved in the recent secret and targeted killings in anyway.
BNP standing committee member Goyeshwar Chandra Roy, vice chairman Abdullah Al Noman, joint secretary general Khairul Kabir Khokan joyanto Kumar Kundu, Advocate nitay Roy Chowdhury, Amalendu Das Apu, Tarun Dey and Tapan Kumar Basu, among others, were present on the occasion.-STAFF REPORTER


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