Nawshaba stands for saving the Sundarbans

Nawshaba stands for saving the Sundarbans


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Quazi Nawshaba Ahmed is a popular Bangladeshi Model and TV Actress. She became popular through her unique acting in Bangla dramas, advertisement and films

Nawshaba has been participating in campaigns for saving the Sundarbans for a while. In continuation of her activism she organised a protest painting exhibition on August 18 at the Rabindra Sarobar in Dhanmondi.

The event was able to attract viewers who slowly gathered and appreciated the reason for the exhibition.

“I have carried out protests in many different places but this is the first time at Rabindra Sarobar,” said Nawshaba. She wanted to see how people react to her protest.

“At first no one showed interest. But after about half an hour a few kids started to gather. That got the ball rolling and more people started to gather around the exhibition,” said Nawshaba.

Nawshaba said she wants to see the Sundarbans live. “We don’t want Rampal. That is what we wanted to convey in these paintings. That’s why the colour green has prominence in them,” she added.

“Let the Sundarbans live, let our beautiful thoughts live” – this is the slogan through which people are demanding the cancellation of the Rampal Coal Power Plant, Nawshaba said.

Nawshaba will soon release a video on YouTube with people’s reaction to the paintings.


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