New movie 'Komola Rocket' to be released in Eid

New movie ‘Komola Rocket’ to be released in Eid


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The film ‘Komola Rocket’ produced by Impress Telefilm, will be released on the occasion of upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr.
The 2 minute and 24 second long official trailer of the movie also has been released on Youtube channel titled Channel-i TV on June 2. Audience can see the popular actors Tauquir Ahmed and Mosharraf Karim’s acting together for the second time on screen while the duo appeared together for the first time in the film ‘Jalaler Golpo’ released in 2016.
The film ‘Jalaler Golpo’ gained a huge popularity and recognition from different film festivals with positive appreciation. Subscribers commented on Youtube that ‘masterpiece is coming’ and ‘everything is looking fantastic’ about ‘Komola Rocket’.
Tauquir’s recent direction work was film “Halda” which stars Mosharraf Karim and Jahid Hasan among others.
Komola Rocket, movie of comedy genre, has been directed by Noor Imran Mithu based on Bangla Academy Award winner and expatriate writer Shahaduzzaman’s stories ‘Moulik’ and ‘Saipras’.
Tauquir Ahmed and Lux-Channel I Super Star contestant Samiya will play the lead role while Mosharraf Karim will be seen in a different character as an agent.
Mosharraf will be seen as Mofizul while Tauquir will be seen as Atik in the film.
The story of the film revolves around a steamer in the name of Komola Rocket what will show Atik- a first class passenger who gets on the steamer along with other regular passengers. Atik is a wealthy man with moral flaws that are common among rich men of the country.
Atik sets fire to his own factory for getting money from the insurance. He is going to his friend’s house on this steamer for hiding himself.
On the other hand, a man with the burnt body of a female worker, who worked in the factory, is also travelling in the same steamer.
Joy Raj, Seuti, Dominick Gomez, Bappa Shantunu, Sujat Shimul,Shahidullah Sabuj, Abu Raiham Rasel will also play different roles in the film.


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